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Instead Of Throwing Out Your Furniture You Might Want to Consider Using A Slipcover Store Or Upholstery Shop In Brooklyn To Give Your Worn Out Sofa Or Sleeper A Fresh Brand New Look
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Custom Slipcovers Offer Alternatives
Instead of buying a new sofa or high back chair you may want to consider having your furniture custom fit for a slipcover.

Do not confuse custom slipcovers with ready made slipcovers because they are completely different. Ready made slipcovers are made on an assembly line and are mass produced.

Custom slipcovers are specially measured to your piece of furniture as if it were almost being reupholstered. A template is used to ensure accuracy by creating an exact "foot' print" of your original piece of furniture.

The cost of custom slipcovers will end up being more than ready made slipcovers but the difference in how the fabric lays on your furniture is night and day.

It will come down to what is more important to you as far as what you'll be happy with.